7Rocks gives you a possibility to participate in a Seven Rocks Test.

The game is an arcade simulator of a rock climber. The main goal is to climb to the top of each of the seven mountains, trying not to break all the bones during climbing.
Polish up your climbing skills and challenge players from all over the world setting your own records.

Features of the game:

  • 10 unique characters differing by both visual and physical parameters;
  • 7 types of rocks differing in the height, difficulties in climbing up and weather conditions;
  • fracture of limbs affecting further game play;
  • table of records (the overall rating and height records for each of the rocks);
  • pleasant hand-drawn graphics;
  • one-finger control with a stick;
  • a possibility to share a screenshot with your results;
  • atmospheric sounds of nature and rock climbers grunting from time to time.