Inside the box, there is a set of 48 boxes with puzzles inside.
Test your logic by solving the puzzles from all the boxes.

An unlock code is encrypted in each of the boxes, and you can get it if you solve the puzzle.

The tasks inside of all the boxes are absolutely logical, they contain no hidden buttons or doors – they are intended just to test your logical abilities.

Most puzzles will require you to find digits, numbers, code words, as well as solve math problems.

The game includes a system for generating puzzles. This means that every time you complete the game, all tasks and answers to them will be automatically generated and will not be repeated again.

The game offers a gyroscope control feature, which lets you feel like you are really holding a box with puzzles in your hands. There is also an alternative control option for on-screen buttons.

Will you be able to pick all the passwords and combinations hidden inside?
Challenge accepted?!