Simulator of the scavenger robot challenging the powerful Corporation.

Robots seized the Earth, the humankind is almost destroyed.
You are a trash robot, one of few resistance fighters.
Your goal is to capture bases of the Corporation located in your region.
To achieve the main goal, trashbots will help you. They collect resources and parts of robots scattered at junkyards. Construct your own robots with the help of a manipulator and welding, take part in robot battles and constructor tournaments, execute orders of resistance fighters and expand your own might.
Save the humankind from total destruction and create a new union of people and robots!

Game features:

  • Over 60 parts differing in appearance, purpose and design (wheel bases, energy shields, batteries, armor, shotguns, rifles and machine guns).
  • Assembly of robots using a manipulator arm and welding.
  • Robot battles based on the play-off system with impressive rewards.
  • Constructor tournaments, in which you will need to assemble robots according to an example as quickly and accurately as possible.
  • Orders for the assembly of robots from resistance fighters.
  • Enemy bases retain the damage received, which allows to capture bases as a result of several attacks.
  • Junkyards to search for resources and parts using trashbots.
  • When the robot is assembled, you can test its parameters, adjust them, save or disassemble it into parts.
  • Assembly of robots right in battle using selected parts with the help of a mobile assembly station located inside your truck.
  • A possibility to inflict damage to enemy robots by firearms or body.
  • A possibility to leave the battlefield at any time and take all the parts found and the robot.
  • 16 enemy bases of the Corporation.
  • 4 geographic zones differing in appearance, the strength of enemies, the number of resources and parts rarity.
  • Unique parts for the assembly of a heavy-duty X-robot.